If given the leisure time to spend a day at the Sahara Desert, will you take the offer? Well, who wouldn’t, right? Maybe the less adventurous, they could easily decline the offer without second thoughts. But if you’re someone who is looking for some thrills and excitement in life, then you probably wouldn’t miss a chance to explore the wilderness. Sahara, being one of the most popular destinations for Safari adventures, never fails to surprise its visitors each time. It is home to diverse wildlife and an avenue for some wild sexual activities. You might not have known it but, deep into the vast land of the desert, there are some exotic finds that you surely can’t believe once you see it before your eyes. Safari Sex unveils this secret to feed your sexual desires.

Launched in 2016, Safari Sex is a porn site that features several sexual acts in the desert. It features African girls showing to the whole world that they are not only faithful protectors of their land but also obedient sex goddesses. Their videos only prove that they’re as wild as the safari animals in the desert.

The videos are shot outdoors so there’s a lot of thrill in every scene. Safari Sex is owned by The Global Content Services Ltd. Because of that, membership to the site will grant its members an access to 70 bonus sites such as All Those Boobs, Amateur18, Crazy Pee Girls, Slipper Massage, Grandpa Love, Sapphic Lovers and a lot more. Also, Safari Sex belongs to the ExtremeMoviePass Network which is famous for their good quality videos. Becoming a member of this site only takes a fracture of seconds to get completed. All you have to do is select which membership plans you like— there are the monthly, multi-month and annual plans so you could just easily flex your budget on this one. For the payment method, you can pay via BitCoins, Diner, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, PayPal, and VISA. Lastly, Safari Sex advertises their contents as 100% exclusive and by looking at the videos I can also tell they’re all exclusive.

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On a scale of one to ten, I’ll rate their website design as a perfect ten. It was very creative and appealing to the audience. So far, Safari Sex has a unique website design among other porn sites that I’ve visited. It could almost pass as a portfolio website for the National Geographic. Well, you have to take out the nude photos first, okay? But joking aside, the background is a clear picture of a sunset in the Sahara. It was very lovely to look at.

Moreover, there are plenty of sexy pictures from our African bombshells here— some are posing with their legs wide open and exposing their hairy pussy while some are enjoying shoving a dildo inside their glory holes. The color scheme of the site is also very appropriate to the theme of the site. The navigation of the site is also flawless. They have all the buttons to make the site functional and straight forward to the users. However, I think it would do well if they had a model’s index so that their members could easily get to know more from their models.

The site offers videos that are sharp and crisp enough to be enjoyed by the viewers. These videos can be streamed with a resolution of 1440×1080 pixels and 788×576 pixels. If you wish to download it, you can also do so without any problems. The file format of the downloaded videos is an MP4 format. You’ll also be getting the same resolutions as with the streamed videos. The average length of the video is 20 to 30 minutes long. The site frequently updates their content which is a good thing, right? Sadly, the site does not upload pictures but they do have screen captures from their videos. There are over 57 movies already on the site. These movies can be filtered according to its name, the number of views and latest update.

Flicks & Chicks

The models featured on this site are all Ebony girls. Their set of models is quite refreshing for those who are so much into European porn. I mean, it’s quite a sight seeing these girls with their perfect black complexion perform our favorite sex positions and foreplay acts. Not to mention, these girls also do as well as European models. While there are those typical sexy and sweet girls, there are also some models with their exotic beauty. 

Most of the videos you can watch here in the Safari Sex porn site are taken outdoors— sometimes in the greener portion of the desert while sometimes in a parked safari truck in the middle of the desert. This lives up to its name of outdoor sex! There are scenes that involve wild sex and oral sex. There are also some videos that use props like leather straps and sex toys.

In Few Words

Safari Sex is not just the perfect site for those who are fond of the desert and the wild animals, but also those who are horny for wild and rough sex. It helps bring out the adventurous side in you as you scroll through a gallery of sexually appealing videos in its contents. Getting a lot of bonus sites is also a great deal which comes with its cheap membership fee. I can definitely say that the money you spent for this site is worth it. Speaking of worth, the videos are also worth your time. If you want to explore a different kind of porn, a new setting and a set of fresh models, you definitely should check out Safari Sex. You shouldn’t be missing one of the best outdoor sex porn sites in the industry.

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