The beauties out there await the lucky people, the ones that are willing to join the network of great porn sites, the highlight of them being Compton Booty. The name itself should suggest what kind of content it deals with, but if that is not enough, let’s make it clearer by saying that the girls inside are black and hot, and that they love huge black dicks in their pussies, but even more so, in their asses, so, strap in for some really hardcore action.


Whenever I see a simple and easy to use site, I get really happy, because there is nothing like user friendliness, especially in a porn site, where people are really in a hurry to get to their videos and action. The purple buttons stand out, and the black background makes them that much more visible. The previews on the home page are numerous, to say the least, although only the largest of the images is a playable video, the rest guiding you to the registration page. The members do get a lot of perks, and some of them are using the search bar and the sorting options, to the greatest of results, getting to your porn in a matter of seconds, while others, like good optimization, can be used, though not actively. You do not get a choice, as you will browse a site that has no lag, and works marvelously well on all the mobile devices. Good optimization is wonderful to see, no matter the kind of site.

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Flicks & Chicks

But since we are dealing with hardcore porn here, it is even better to know that you are backed up by a design that will help you get to where you want, and that you will have no lag or other unnecessary mishaps along the way. But, the girls that reside within the site’s pages are very pretty, and not to mention hot, with big and not so big boobs, and a lust for sex that can rarely be seen elsewhere. Their lust is for the huge black dicks, and they adore taking them in, all of them. Well, with that in mind, just imagine a huge black dick disappearing inside a girl’s pussy, and then in her ass. I love the blowjobs, too, as one can get an orgasm simply by watching them handle those dicks, not to mention when the said dicks explode with cum. The details in the videos are also incredible, and that is due to the HD resolution. The videos are also numerous, which is great to know, as there will be a lot of content to explore, more being added daily. With every video lasting about 20 minutes or so, and with 40 more sites that you get for the price of this one, there is actually plenty of content to explore. All of the videos and images on all of the sites are downloadable, and you can have as many of them as you like.

In Few Words

If you like seeing black girls get their pussies and asses destroyed by horny black dudes, then you should not lose a heartbeat and should head on over to Compton Booty, where the hardcore becomes alive. With so many great things to see and download on the site, and so many more to explore on the other sites, this one has become my personal favorite, and many others have found it to be just as amazing as I did.

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