The FacialsZ is not new, but it’s hot, that’s the most basic information you have to learn about it. We are certain that you know what a facial is, and we also sure you enjoy watching it happen, otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in our FacialsZ review.

The “Z” in the site’s name isn’t a typo and it’s not a style element. This “Z” refers to the fact that the FacialsZ has more up to its sleeves than what meets the eye at first. Have you ever heard of the VideosZ? No, well, that’s not good. But we like you, and want to guide you, so let us tell a bit about this VideosZ. The name is quite descriptive and it goes straight to the point: here you get videos. Hardcore, sexy, professional videos. That’s all what you need, right? Thought so. Now, the FacialsZ is a member of the VideosZ thematic network of hook-sites, such as the MILFZ or the BBWTime. When you pick the FacialsZ as a must-join site, you automatically become a member at the VideosZ.

And that’s the best thing that could happen to you! Why? Well, we let the numbers speak: there are 18591 different DVDs, granting you 106,308 porn scenes (with an average length of 20 minutes) of 14,773 different porn stars, including Japanese, European, and of course US adult entertainers. Right, if you now open the site, you will see that the numbers are somewhat different. That’s only because the VideosZ has a mission: give the members daily porn, this way increasing their interest and keep them horny. There are scenes added every day, and every now and then a new name gets added to the models’ list too.

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A fine, semi-advanced website welcomes you, which gives you some neat navigation tools and different viewing options. The main tool you will see is the menu, which can take you to the girls’ list, the categories, or the DVDs’ listing page. Also, the search option might come handy, and when you browse the results, you might like to use the filtering methods the site offers: you can organize by recentness, views, ratings, etc. But there is a switch to show only the HD videos. On the left side of the page, there is a category list, which you can use to refine the list.

You can stream the videos right into your browser, using a Flash player, which accesses MP4 files. Also, differently sized downloadable files are granted too. As a member, you can use the Roku stream of the VideosZ, and it’s possible to view the site and play the scenes on mobile devices.

Flicks & Chicks

Yes, the FacialsZ has a load for you too, especially if you are looking for hardcore sex, ending with huge blasts of cum, covering some cute chicks cute faces. These videos are juicy in the words actual meaning, and you can find here hundreds of videos which spraying cum and covered faces. These girls are all eager to get their share of man-milk, and as you may have found out already, they are professionals with no exception. We appreciated the fine variety of the site’s models’ list, because we have seen here the freshest pieces, just as some mature, MILF-category models too. Also, there is a great variety of ethnicity too, and apart from the regular types, you can find some special cuties too, originating from ethnicity you wouldn’t expect. As we dug deeper into the collection, we found more and more hotness, and in the end we saw that here are some really good things going on here. Regarding the porn stars’ appearance we can only say that you should see them yourself! There are different body types, tit sizes and ass forms too. Those who like big naturals will see some too, but the most usual type is the mid-size and the perky tit-pairs. In order to satisfy your needs, the FacialsZ collected a lot of sexy girls to watch, and while you are in the middle of the action, you are going to be happy.

The videos are not amateur porn shots. They are produced in at least a semi-professional way, and they feature some hard stuff. As you are going the see, the FacialsZ focuses on facials, and the variety comes from the way the guys reach the blasting point. In many videos it’s just some hardcore pounding, but in the end the girls always got to suck that cock, doesn’t really considering if it was in their vagina or in their anus before. As you will see, the sex is hard and exciting. However, there is a huge part of the collection that’s worth mentioning, and that’s the face fuck scenarios. Since the facial shots usually aim for the face, there is lot of sucking needed before that. And nothing is more exciting – at least that’s what the blowjob fans think – to watch a girl getting literally fucked in her face. So, if you care to become a member of the FacialsZ, get ready to see some heavy deepthroat and face fuck videos, each ending with the girls’ face covered with cock-juice.

In Few Words

The FacialsZ is dedicated to facial cum shots. If it were only a compilation of only the shots themselves, we would still recommend it. But since the site offers full scenes and full movies, it should be one of the top sites on you should-see list. There are enough facial porn videos to keep you busy, but if you dig a bit deeper into the collection, you will see that there are much more shots taking place in the rest of the scenes too!

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