These scenes are really nasty. They feature cute girls getting totally destroyed, and they are made to swallow huge dicks until they can hardly catch a breath. Then he pulls it out and starts again. Hardcore porn is always nice, but with such heavy elements some might find it disturbing… but the most disturbing thing is that they get hard as wood when they open the site. In case you are someone with a fixation on deepthroat and face-fucking, the YoungThroats has a whole lot of sexiness for you to enjoy.

When you open this portal, large thumbnails tell you exactly what you are going to experience, and while you are here, you can also explore other types of hardcore porn. Currently the site has more than 160 scenes for you to enjoy, which a big number is considering the fact that they are all throat-fucking videos. The update schedule is random, but there are new additions now and then.

The membership on the YoungThroats has many benefits, and apart from the amazing video quality there are bonus content available too. As part of the network called the TeenCoreClub, the YoungThroats grants you access to more than 40 sites. There are only fresh, under-20 or 20-something girls, mostly originating from Europe in the videos of the network. The models here are doing all kinds of heavy things, and deep-throating is just one of them.

Every portal you can reach from the members’ area has dozens of videos, and the overall amount you can enjoy is really good. Though the updates are rather infrequent, and the videos’ resolution is friendly, and the sex in them is quite heavy. The scenes of the TeenCoreClub’s sites are semi-exclusive at the best, but the selective collections will make you forget about that.

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The YoungThroats may scare you away if you are men with a heart of a butterfly. The large thumbnails you can watch during the free tour may look offensive and too hard for you, since they show the girls during the actual deepthroat action: make up gullied by tears and faces turning red in straining. However, if you know what to expect, and you are on the site for a reason, your cock may harden as soon as you land there.

If you get into the members’ area, you will find yourself in front of way too simple portal. There is one menu with only the most important options, but not one extra navigation tool is featured. You have to go through the videos page by page, and this goes for the photo sets too. Good news is that you can get to any of the included sites really quickly. Those who like to watch porn in their browser, without the tedious waiting for downloads to finish will surely appreciate the WMV and MP4 stream the site provides. You have to settle with a lower quality though. If you want HD or even Full-HD, you have to obtain the downloadable files. The speed is good, so it won’t take forever to finish. Since many of the videos are in HD, the photo and video caption quality is also quite good.

Flicks & Chicks

These girls are cute, that’s true, but what they get is certainly something they don’t deserve. It’s hot though, so if throat-fucking and washed away make-up is your thing, then feel free to explore this collection. So, the models seem to be in the fresh adult categories, according to the site’s claims. It’s going to be a hard experience for them, but they probably know what they are getting into. As much as you will see of their body is also going to strengthen the impression that they are truly so fresh as the site claims.

Perky tits, cute faces and some really fine asses are showing up in the videos. This kind of porn is not easy to do, and the girls probably got paid well for it, but if you look in their eyes, they really seem to struggle with getting their face fucked. Holding back the natural reflexes is hard, and the girls sometimes seem to run out of air, which causes a lot of teardrops coming from their eyes, washing away their make-up.

So, the videos are all about throat-fucking. This is the main niche of the site, and that’s exactly what you get. There isn’t much warming up, the girls are made to suck, and after they got used to it, the real hard work begins. This is a full deepthroat site, and apart from the throat-fucking action, no other type of penetration is featured. Now, these videos are shot in HD and Full HD, and they look really good. They are all taken from the guy’s point of view, and apart from his hands, cock and balls you won’t see much of him. The girls are made to look into the camera all the time, so it feels a bit more personal. You will find it that the girls of the site are not just looking amazing, but they real hard-working cunts. In the end, they usually get their mouth filled with cum, and they are also mostly made to swallow it, which makes these videos much kinkier. In the end, every girl ends up with a writing on their body.

In Few Words

The YoungThroats is rough. It’s safe to say, that the deepthroat sucking and face-fucking are one of those niches that the models really feel. There is no faking, the body simply can’t stand when there are things stuffed down the throat, so when those eyes get wet and tears fall down that’s for real, and there is no faking. We could say that the YoungThroats is an honest collection, but if you want more the hot network of the TeenCoreClub is yours to explore.

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