There are many types of gay porn videos that you can watch online. But baitbus is something interesting and absolutely different than what you have ever seen before. It’s not just about any gay porn. These are straight guys who think they are gay. Well, almost. This wonderful website hinges on a premise that is most the creative thing you have ever come across. When you get a camera guy, a bus and man together this is what happens. The baitbus team catches hold of a straight guy off the street. They get him in the bus and get a man to suck his cock. Now, isn’t that fun? You would love to watch this because it’s funny and sexy at the same time. There are many boys out there who think they are straight and have a happy and fulfilling married life. They love to watch hot women do things to themselves on the internet. But, why is it that they loved it when a guy sucked their cock? Yes, they may be closet gays probably. Some of them are embarrassed to be on the site and others just give in and accept that they are after all, gay. That’s why you would love it when these guys have a sheer look of horror on their faces.


For this unique and wonderful kind of website, a few dollars is all you have to pay. If you want to try it for a day then it’s only going to cost you $1. Yes, for that price you can’t even buy a latte. So, don’t worry about spending loads of money because you are not. You can also subscribe for a month. That would cost you only $24.95. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, that is the kind of money you would need to spend. You don’t mind, do you? So, come on and subscribe. This mind boggling social experiment is not going to last forever. That’s why you need to do subscribe right now and you will see how much fun it is. If you think baitbus if your thing then you can hang around and watch a lot of straight and gay men have fun with themselves in the bus. You can participate in their cute experiment while you watch on your screen. Yes, you can watch it on mobile, desktop, IPhone, tablet. You don’t have to be limited by where you watch it. The access is very easy and when you have a cute time out, just watch them right now. You will like it. After all, a bus is an exciting place to have sex. Especially when hunky and sexy men are trying to fuck each other. It can be quite a sight, you’ll have to agree. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait too long because the prices are not going to stay low forever. They will go up and will leave you high and dry. At such amazing prices you should be grateful you are getting access to a site that is in high demand at the moment. It is not just a porn site; it is in fact an experiment in storytelling. Yes. You will see that once you subscribe and become a regular viewer. What’s more? The site is very user friendly and the creators of the site have made sure that you enjoy it as much as you can. For that reason it is easy to navigate and access. You can enjoy more videos if the website is without any glitches. So, don’t worry about it. You just need to pull out the credit card that is peeping out of your pocket and subscribe right now. If you are not convinced then why not start with one day subscription? You have nothing to lose. In fact if you like the site, you can hang around for long and have fun with it. Isn’t that great?

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Flicks & Boys

You would be surprised at the interesting scenarios on the site. The boys absolutely love to do this. The cameraman too. You will also see some guys getting all startled and then giving up. Some of the guys are not merely getting sucked, they are getting sucked! So, don’t worry about it if you think you do not like gay porn. You should give it a go and you may just like it. There are a lot of people who think they do not want to watch for entertainment and they do it only just to wank. But not this site. You can watch it for both entertainment and wanking. It is a lot of fun actually. And if you are gay, you would love the lovely and sexy boys on it. They are doing things that you have never seen in your life. These hunks are drilling boys in their sexy asses. This fun website is not just for gay men. It is actually for everyone. If you think that all porn websites are for wanking, then you are wrong. You can watch straight guys turn gay or even better watch them embarrassed after they discover they were having sex with a boy. Doesn’t that idea excite you? If it doesn’t then there has to be something wrong with you!

In Few Words

The website probably began as a cute social experiment but soon turned into something else. Well, of course baitbus was sure a lot of people would be coming out of the closet. That’s because not everyone tells the truth about their sexuality. But what they did not know was that people would be coming out in such big numbers and that it would be so much fun to watch. That’s why this porn website is one of a kind to watch. Once you subscribe and watch it, you will know how cool and amazing this thing is.

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