Enchantae is an adult website with porn comics, whose story is set in an imaginary kingdom with prince, princesses, kings, queens and peasants. Enchantae focuses on only comic episodes in the form of images and all the content is exclusive. You need to pay a very fairly priced monthly fee to access all the episodes.


The site’s design is simple, but very artistic. The minimalist design complements the artistic content of the site. There is a large conspicuous menu on the side of the page. There are only two or three links at the top of the page. There isn’t much happening on the pages and everything seems to be in place. This makes the design very eye catching. The navigation is straight forward. Users will find the site very user friendly. All pages are almost the same, so you will find it easy moving from one section of the site to the other. For members, accessing the most recent post should be easy. The most recent ones are right there as you login into the members’ area. Going through the comics is fairly easy and straightforward. Click to load the comics and browse through using your mouse. There are more than 100 episodes to date. There isn’t a slideshow feature, but you can browse through each panel and maximize it on your screen. You may download each panel one by one as there is not feature that lets you download the episodes in a zip file. Each of the images is in high resolution and full colour for your enjoyment.

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Flicks & Chicks

The idea was to have anime style cartoons, but this comic is not exactly anime. The comics are more of a hybrid of anime and classic American system of cartooning. It is designed to appeal to an audience that is not necessarily into anime. The cartoons are high quality and the characters quite appealing. The story is based on a fictional kingdom and is full of mysticism. The community is an ancient sect that practices a lot of erotic occult ceremonies. This storyline helps to build various scenarios on the kingdom. There are many different characters that appear in successive episodes. Mostly, it is the prince and princes, who often star in these episodes. However, there are many different characters that appear from foreign lands. The first episode began with a female character named Nerita, who travels with an assistant who is easily distracted thanks to her high sex drive. The two travel in their quest to find a charm with mystical powers. In their travels through the Kingdom, they pass through the poorest parts of the kingdom, where they meet peasants and they also go through the wealthier areas where they meet businessmen and aristocrats. Everywhere they go, they have to give sexual favours in exchange for information. Nerita and her horny assistant Peka are always glad to let themselves loose for some clues that will eventually help them find the amulet they are looking for. There is a lot of hardcore action that happens in every episode. The two women work hard and bring their sexual skills as they try to get information from various people throughout the kingdom. They encounter big cocks, strong muscular men and they have to give blowjobs and hardcore fucks to get what they want.

In Few Words

This is a great comment with a good storyline that has a good plot with interesting scenarios. There aren’t any bonuses, but the pricing is very good and you get to pay even less after the first month. Enchantae therefore deserves a 9/10 rating.

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