If you are looking for gorgeous girls with equally gorgeous bodies, the best place to find them is Hustler. If you do not know what Hustler is, then you have been living under a rock for very long time. This gargantuan network possibly has the one of the largest female population than most porn networks out there and it is not hard to see why. This one right here has been around for quite a long time already, even dating to the 80’s. Hustler is famous for all things pornographic and their girls are just immensely hot in general. With that as the case, it is no wonder why Hustler likes giving their ladies their very own porn sites.

Take for example, Jessica Jaymes, their first ever contract holder. Yes, if you are a huge fan of this lady right here, you will be glad to know that Hustler, after all this time, managed to give her, her very own porn site! The site is called JessicaJaymesXXX and it is nothing short of greatness and gloriousness. The site was launched in 2009 and has since been breaking and mending hearts and erections. This gorgeous goddess is certainly a delight to watch and her personality is just as wonderful. Hustler has been known to give their porn sites the right kind of life and entertainment so people would never get tired of them and this is exactly what they injected in JessicaJaymesXXX. It has been featured by different other third party websites for something that seems like the best porn star site in the world. It has won awards from the X-Biz Awards, the AVN Awards, and it is the kind of platform that has plenty of things to do. For seven years, this porn site has given hot and steamy content to their members and it continues to do so after all these years.

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JessicaJaymesXXX is a fun and perky porn site, and even the girl behind it seems to have that kind of perky personality. With that, it is rather no surprise that the website design the network chose for this outgoing adult site is something that came out of a fun party certainly not unscathed. It is colorful, entertaining, and so full of life – something that I really like. It does not look dull and it fits the theme of the site rather well. Jessica herself is a lovely lady with even livelier activities to do so I salute the people behind her site design. Despite the colorful

Despite the colorful personality her site has, the navigation here is far from difficult. It is, in fact, quite easy to understand and very easy to manage. This makes your stay here comfortable and uncomplicated. The user interface is also one thing that is rather transparent and straightforward, very user-friendly if I must say. The layout and site arrangement is greatly considered and with this, even if the site is too colorful, it is very easy to look for the links and every single there is here.

Speaking of links, you can find them on the very top part of the site, just above the banner where Jessica poses looking like a slutty kitten. You have the link to prompt you to the log in page (members), you have a link that will bring you back to the main page no matter where you are (home), you have a link that will navigate you to where the entire collection of videos are found (scenes), you also get the link to lead you to where all the photo galleries are, as well as a link to show you where the model index is (girlfriends), a link to her live cam shows (live shows), and a link to the extra videos (extras), and a link to her sister sites (the sites).

The model index does not really contain any valuable information but this is because this site is particularly for Jessica herself and the reason why they placed it there is that so you could familiarize yourself with the names and photos of who Jessica has hardcore sex with. Other than that, that page won’t be giving you a lot of information about her guests. You can comment on Jessica’s videos but I do not think you can rate them. Also, you may also add them to your favorites if you wish to do so. In her site, you can also find links to her Facebook page, her Twitter, her Instagram, and her YouTube channel. This means you can catch her in many different other places. The site has photo galleries that amount to almost 400 at the moment. Each 120 photos inside and are in hi-res, with a dimension of 1280 x 960. With your membership here, you also get free access to other sites provided by the Hustler network.

Flicks & Chicks

Despite how individual and solo the site looks like, it is far from that. Sure, there are your occasional masturbation and strip tease videos, but you get plenty of hot steamy sex here, as well as your fair share of lesbian sex. Jessica Jaymes loves engaging in hardcore anal and pussy fucking, pussy licking, blow jobs (she is after all, the queen of blow jobs), threesomes, and so much more. Do not miss out on her videos because you will surely regret it. Right now, there are almost 600 scenes in the site and all can either be watched in your browser as long as you have an embedded Flash player. You may also download them in mp4 or wmv format. Resolutions available are in 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

In Few Words

JessicaJaymesXXX is a rather unique porn star adult site where everything will surely give you a boner. The quality of the videos is beyond satisfactory, the quantity is mind blowing, and the sex is just really hardcore. You will surely love it here, especially if you are into really gorgeous girls.

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