Sex is so important in our lives. Most of us love sex. And since you are here reading this review, you obviously love sex. In today’s day and age, things have evolved far too much and far too quick. Nowadays, we just have sex instead of making love. Although some believe that having sex is just a euphemism for making love, that is anything but true. Making love is the act of two people baring it all and letting go off their guards to completely be with each other, unlike having sex is just a matter of physical attraction and nothing else. Now sex is very easily available for those who seek. And for those who cannot get sex, there are always porn videos. The face of the porn industry has changed dramatically over the few decades. From what it was, the simple plain sex to today what it is, they highly produced with the stellar star cast. The adult entertainment industry has boomed and will only get bigger. The industry is so big that there is a website of every genre and preference. With the most uncommon fetish, there is likely to be a website that is dedicated to it. That is how big the porn industry has become.

The problem though is these porn companies are only targeting men. It is very obvious when you watch any porn video that these videos are produced to ensure that it turns on a man. Porn videos mainly focus on the physical aspect of sex rather than the emotional aspect of it. The whole and sole purpose of a porn video or even a porn website for that matter are, to help men who are looking to pleasure themselves have an amazing time. The videos want to help men get an erection so that they can jerk off and subscribe to their porn sites. Now, not that it is a bad thing. And this has its own target audience.

Now, what if you are not a part of that? Women are known not to like porn videos. Their main reason for not enjoying it is that they do not find it relatable. And which it turns does not even turn them on. They find the whole thing too staged and very obviously, a video that is produced for men and by men. Women are not like men. They are not just looking to get off like men. For them, they are seeking more than just getting turned on physically. They also want it to touch them emotionally. They want every part of them to be aroused when they watch such content. So, a bunch of women decided that it is about time there needs to be something for women especially. And they came up with Sssh. So, what is this Sssh? It is a porn site but not exactly your run of the mill porn site. Take a peek at their website now.

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There with absolute certainty we can say that you will fall in love with the layout. Sssh has tried to ensure that they look as closely to a romance novel. And they have nailed the brief very well. If you were amongst those who loves reading romance novels, then this website will surely make you feel like you are reading one. Right from the colors they have used to the fonts, everything about it screams romance novel. You will most likely feel very nostalgic. So, the color scheme used on Sssh is purple, light blue and off-white. These are the classic romance novel cover colors. The colors are so gentle and feminine. It feels very calming just to look at it. Even the font used is so beautiful. Makes you feel like you are reading a love letter. And in addition, the website offers you to switch it in two languages, either English or French.

The tour page is very sweet looking, there are just very racy pictures but no frontal nudity. Everything feels like a romance novel rather than a porn site. At the title, there is an image of a blonde woman lying down with a nightgown. She looks like she could be a lead of any Hollywood romance movie. On the left-hand side, there is a welcome note and below it will be updated with a little description about the website. There is a slideshow of images which keep changing itself every 5 seconds. These images are so romantically sexual. To sum it up, they have done quite a decent job with the layout, and we really do not have anything bad to say about it.

Flicks & Chicks

When you reach Sssh and take a look at the tour page and all the women & men and written content they have to offer, you will begin to realize that you are in for a real treat. The women here have such beautiful bodies. You will also realize that all the content on the website is all from a woman’s perspective. So now let us talk about the member page. When you reach that page there this very interesting thing we got to see, it was called the ‘get to know yourself’ section. This section is everything about female masturbation. This web page is also for lesbians. There is a whole separate section just for some girl on girl action. And what is really good about this one is that while most lesbian porn videos out there are actually targeted towards men, these are specially targeted towards women. There are different sections for every different detail on the website. There are sections separately that are for style, beauty, sexual health, fitness, so on and forth. Everything about the website is the woman by the woman.

There are roughly over than 200 videos on Sssh. And most of these are in full high definition. If you want to watch these videos, you can watch them on the website in flash player format. There are quite a few number of photos in the photo gallery too. The images are at 1600×1200 resolution and very professional looking. To sum it up, the girls, content, and even the quality is not going to let you down when you spend your hard earned money here.

In Few Words

Everything said and done, you know you are not going to find some women-centric content anywhere on the internet. They have really built this website keeping in mind a woman’s wants and desires. And add to it the content they have with the models they boast, and the fact that they update their website very regularly, we believe is all good enough reason to spend your money here and sign up to Sssh.

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