Award winning European gay site featuring gays, gay hunks, gay twinks, and hardcore gay actions. This is what Kristen Bjorn brings to their live gay audiences. The site promises that all the materials you can find from their platform are 100% exclusive including the videos, galleries, performers and excellent both in quality and services. In here, you are going to have their exclusive KB unreleased films available on your mobile devices and computer.

So, what made this gay site an award winning in the porn industry? Aside from being in the business for over than 25 years, they feature the hottest men on the planet. For porn fans particularly gay, homos and men who prefer to be with or to fuck with gays from time to time, this could be your lucky day.

My favorite pay porn website with the wildest gay sex scenes


I don’t know about you, but I’m not into gays really. But anyhow as I enter the site, there are lots of huge dick waving in front of me. Moreover, you’ll see many gay hunks hugging, kissing and fucking each other. In order to appreciate this site, you must be into gay men who are fit, muscled, toned and hunk. Some dudes are hairy some got smooth skin probably between 25-35 years of age. For guys, the tour will make you so puny because of the fact that there are lots of huge hunk men trying to penetrate their hard dicks to another hunky. For gays, it could be your ultimate gay shopping free that will make you slobber. So what’s happen once you go inside? I find a very sensible homepage design with a sliding top banner that shows hunky guys and sample shots. It’s like guys from the UFC fighting for the world heavyweight title. But this time, they are going to use their large dicks as a weapon.

Joining is just a few clicks away. You can find the join now button somewhere at the bottom of the sliding banner and create your personal account. You don’t have to be anxious if you are hiding your homo sexuality to your wife, in fact, the billings are discrete. The site brings you DRM-Free for Mac, Androids, and iOS. They will provide you multiple updates weekly. Right at this moment there are over than 800 gay episodes which are about 20 minutes each. Most of the videos are condom free and the only way the guy can penetrate the other guy’s ass is by spewing some saliva. As far as the ass fuck penetration is concern, I don’t see videos where a gay man used lubricant for easy and smooth penetration. These videos are available through streaming or download. They can be watched via Windows Media, MP4 and Flash.

The photos, on the other hand, got – 100 photos each gallery. The site has 485 galleries so that would be in an estimate of more or less than 48,500. The photos are in high resolution the same thing goes with the videos. Actually, the site is proud to bring you videos and photos with the highest production value. If these aren’t enough, well how about chatting with these gay hunks? Going back to the site’s features, the homepage will head you directly to the Member’s Area. In here, you can find a drop down list featuring series of gay videos which include other gay sites such as Couch, Reality Porn, and Lucas Kazan. Moreover, the site offers exclusive premier later made into DVDs and sold to the market. There are 7 of these during my visit which is only exclusive for streaming only for the meantime.

Flicks & Boys

You can head into the model index and you can find 500 – 600 hunky guys and check out their stats. As mentioned, most of them got awesome body figure. They look tough, mean and they can easily break an average guy’s neck. But I guess the only one they are good at is to lick and suck someone’s dickhead. There’s a guy that looks like Batista from WWE and there’s also a guy that looks like Chris Evans. There are also black homos with huge dick digging the poor guy’s ass. If you like

If you like hunk with hard dick, then I highly recommend Gabriel Lunna. The film starts a guy name Antonio Miracle inviting Gabriel to his apartment. His wife is nowhere to find and Gabriel’s wife is on her way to her daily job. Antonio makes sure that no one is looking before Gabriel enters his door. As Antonio closed the door, the two immediately stripping off their clothes and showing their nasty cocks. The two could no longer take it as their homosexuality begins to arise. Antonio has a solid red mushroom cock and Gabriel swallows it nice, smooth and easy. Gabriel really loves it as he sucks and licks the foreskin. Now Antonio grabs his dick and starts to milk it off and finally he bends over and Gabriel penetrates his dick to Antonio’s ass. These damn two gays will make the most out of their scene as they will kiss each other, suck each other’s balls and raise hell dick penetrating ass.

In Few Words

So, what’s good about Kristen Bjorn gay site? You get to see loads of hot and awarding gay scenes. You’ll get a very reasonable price having top quality videos and photos. These videos will be soon available on DVD. However, as a member, you’ll have the privilege to see them first and boast these videos with your gay friends. The quality is excellent and most of the guys are really into gay with 6 packs abs, awesome biceps, big chest and huge dicks. These Latino homo guys are brilliantly intended for hardcore gay actions.

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