Male tenants usually have lustful desires directed towards their landlords especially if their landlords are hot as fuck. However, it may be another way around especially if a male landlord houses female tenants that sport big tits and a big juicy ass. Property Sex is a site where you can watch landlords and tenants fuck their brains out in their apartment bedrooms. In this website you can even see Real Estate Agents get down to business, DIRTY FUCKING BUSINESS.

What’s more exciting than a bonus blow job from the foxy Estate Agent along with a new place to crash? There isn’t a better deal than that. The Real Estate Agents, Tenants and Landlords will seduce you with their big tits, huge ass and talented mouths. Their seductive and naughty expressions can make anyone cum anytime. Enter the house of pleasure.

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As you enter Property Sex, you will see thumbnails and gifs of the videos you’ll see in the site. You’ll see different types of ladies, from landlords getting fucked from behind and innocent tenants half naked or squatting showing their hairless pussies. Overall, the site looks simple. There are two choices in the banner of the site, “members” or the “join now”. It’s very easy to navigate in the site. You may click on one of the thumbnails and you’ll be brought to the registration page.

If you first enter the site, there are five thumbnails each row and you can choose to play to anyone of the videos but you must first be a member to be able to play the video but if not you’ll be directed to the registration site. There are hundreds of thumbnails displayed once you enter the site. Just from looking at the displayed pictures and gifs you’ll want to start rubbing your cock from the seeing the ladies getting fucked from behind or getting their pussies rammed with cock while they rub their clit. They can make any man come from just pleasuring himself.

If you click the members access page, a pop-up will appear and ask for your username and password. If you’re already a member then you may access the page. There are tons of benefits for the members of Property Sex. All the content are original and have 1080 High Definition download. Not only can you access the site from your computer but also to phones and tablets. Even the downloads are fast streaming. New videos are added weekly for the members. You can also access the Vixen X Network since Property Sex is by the Vixen X. In short, you’ll have full access to the high definition videos of the site and even download them. You’ll be able to choose original videos produced by the site.

Flicks & Chicks

The women in the videos are definitely a full 10. You’ll find different kinds of girls, from those with huge bouncing titties to those with cute and ones. The videos start with some dialogue and from the stars and a certain scenario where in the girl is either a Real Estate Agent selling a good place or a tenant looking for a new place or getting evicted due to breaking the rules and doing crazy things.

The video focuses on woman and the taker of the video is the one getting fucked. The man is not seen in the video and the production makes it look like that the viewer of the video is the one getting fucked. The video is very much enjoyable to watch since the girls featured have fuckable bodies would make you want to fuck them hard and good and make them scream from the pleasure. The over-all production of the video is high quality and high definition. The camera angles are definitely good and they focus on the different positions of the girl getting fucked or sucking cock. The point of view of the video makes it look like the viewer is getting a good fuck from the pornstar. Different positions are tried out in the videos and the whole video lasts about 35 minutes depending on the flow. Videos will have their own scenarios.

In one scenario featuring Kylie Quinn, she acts as a first time buyer and she fucks her Real Estate Agent after getting horny. Usually, the scenes start in a house tour especially if a real estate agent is involved. A good example of a bombshell fuckable Real Estate Agent is Selena Rose. She poses as hot Latina Real Estate Agent who fucks her client good and hard. She dresses sexily and seduces her client into letting her suck his cock and then fuck her in the couch. She looks extremely hot while lying down, her legs spread while getting pounded by cock, her titties bouncing while she dirty talks. No one would resist in jerking off while seeing her getting fucked in different positions while she moans and teases her own clit. She even spreads her ass for the guy and that makes it all the more hot to watch. It’s, even more, enticing to watch her look at the camera. She looks natural and not awkward while she looks at the camera while getting fucked. The scene ends after the dude jacks off and sprays hot semen all over Selena’s face.

In Few Words

The videos in Property Sex are definitely five star fap materials for any guy. The flow of the video are enjoyable at first especially between the exchange of the girl and the guy but then it turns hot and sexy especially when they start to blow job and it escalates from there when they start fucking each other in a certain place in the house. Property Sex gives off a dirty and sexy vibe in a house tour. They really put Homemade porn to the next level.

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