PunishTeens is a site where rough sex is paramount. Whatever harsh treatment you think they deserve, and who doesn’t, this is the site where they get it and get it good. This is a site where new fresh chicks, who love the darker side of sex, are paired up with men who like being firm with their girls. If you understand why torment can be bliss then membership here will satisfy your every sexual need. And all while the girls of PunishTeens have their needs satisfied in razor-sharp 1080p High definition movies that you can enjoy at any time, 24/7, and 365 days/year without any interruptions from ads or any of the other distractions you’d find on a free site. The site doesn’t ‘sell’ the girls as being amateurs but they’re certainly newbies and cute ones too. The men may be tattooed and grizzled but the girls are fresh, mainly Caucasian, chicks with some Asian girls to add Eastern spice. That doesn’t mean there’s no variety here, they have slim girls and curvy (though not big) girls, blondes through to raven-haired girls, tall girls and short girls, creamy complexions to golden tanned ones, and all of them eager and excited. What are they excited about? Here’s where there’s way more variety again. Some girls are tied up, restrained, caged and leashed, which gets them hot. Other girls are spanked and strapped until they’re in tears at one end and dripping with juice at the other. When they are taken, it’s invariably from behind with their hair in his one hand, her clit in his other and his rod up her ass or, if she’s been good, her snatch. If she hasn’t been good, it’s likely her face that gets the fucking to adjust her future attitude. If these are the girls for you, then this is the site for you so stop dreaming and start doing.

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The PunishTeens Home page is laid out for members with none of the photos or movies on display being accessible to visitors, which makes sense when you see the thumbnails. They are too intense to be available to just anyone. This is seriously NOT a site for idle bypassing web surfers to peer into. However, the Gifs and images that are there give you the flavor of what to expect. Members, however, can watch each video and also select Videos, Most Popular Girls, Newest Scenes, and Members Login from a horizontal menu on the header, which itself is a collage of raunchy images from the site. At the foot of the page, after the Gifs and images, is a page selector where a member can flick through all the thousands of scenes available. The page footer simply has the usual links to site admin pages, such as Customer Support. Once you’ve become a member, your membership includes access to their mobile site though you’d want to be super careful watching these videos anywhere you and the video might be seen. The harder side of sex isn’t a big arc on the porn spectrum, perhaps because of the difficulty we have with robust action in a sexual context in the modern Western world. Harsh sex in a clean safe looking environment with cute girl-next-door chicks is even rarer so PunishTeens owns this particular niche and they’ll continue to own it when others join in because they have the cutest girls and the roughest sex around. Normally, to see this kind of action you have to go to a grim-looking BDSM site with models that look like vampires.

Flicks & Chicks

The site has about 120 pages of images, each linked to its video, which means there’s about 5000 scenes for members to enjoy. They vary in content around that theme of rough sex between hard men and tender chicks. Some of the scenes displayed show: • A cute Asian chick lying face down on the ground, her mouth silenced with duct tape, which has also been used to tie her hands behind her back. She looks appealingly into the camera, perhaps hoping for rescue but in the context of the site, more likely hoping for her captor to return and start • A cute chick being led out of her cage on a leash, taken to a bed, bent over it and taken from behind while the cat’s ears she wears flap forward and back in time to his thrusts • A blonde chick, her expression blissfully orgasmic, is the plaything of two men, one is frigging her clit while the other supports her and teases her nipples • A cute chick, on her back, her legs held back by her handcuffed arms, displays her hungry pussy and bum hole for our pleasure, unable to object because her panties are stuffed in her mouth. This is a site that delights in rough sex and the categories of pleasures you’ll see reflect that concept. Mismatched sizes, for example, are popular genre here. Big cocks regularly stretch tight holes and muscular men overwhelm the cute girls in every way. As you’d expect, girls who like it rough like blowjobs and anal. They just don’t like to be in charge of it so the man has to impose his will on them throughout their ordeal. Despite the raunchiness, check out PunishTeens; it’s a nice site, with nice girls, and nasty sex. What could be better than that?

In Few Words

For some of us, sex isn’t the flopsy bunny, moons in June, flowers and candies, cutely whimsical stuff of regular romance. For some of us, it’s harder, edgier, harsher. It hurts during and aches after. We want to feel alive. We want every moment to be memorable, to impact on the brain like a brand, to scorch us with its heat until we explode with pent-up passion. If this is you, you need a porn site that reflects your needs. But maybe you find most of the sites that deal in in the darker side of sex objectionable, too coarse, too crude, too gross with their leathers, tattoos and piercings. If that’s you too, then PunishTeens is what you’ve been looking for – clean, beautiful girls getting it just the way they, and you, like it.

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