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The navigation on this platform keeps things about as easy as you would wish them to be. There is a bit of textual info concerning the updates and the descriptions of the films as well as stills. All in all, the entire platform is aptly laid out and gaining access to the material proves easy enough. There are very many extra portals here with your subscription, however, these are all quite simple to access and thanks to an actually smart zone devoted to these that splits everything very suitable.

The media here can be viewed on the site or even downloaded. The films are viewable onsite with the help of an in-built Flash player and also can be downloaded for later watching. The images come in plenty, hence being stored in galleries. You can sift through them onsite and activate the slideshow feature or else your fingers will tire in no time. There are zipped files to take, so you can save and view the right shape and size that way.

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Flicks & Chicks

Does your PC entail a webcam? I mean, your notebook or netbook perhaps does, right? Ever considered putting on a wild live show for that special someone? Certainly you have. It is startling what technology can do for communication in this generation. To live cams, two horny persons, a lot can ensue with just that. Imagine a pretty ass nubile chick, she is kind of a tad tech savvy, she comprehends how to make use of her webcam and PC to have fun. She is perhaps sharing nude selfies to very many fellows, and she most likely chats live with many guys, too. If only there existed a method to film these wild performances she puts on for these fortunate bastards out there.

Well, now everything is in control. This fresh platform named as Recorded GFs comprises all those webcam recordings you want to watch. You must be asking yourself, how they do it. We do not truly need to see, do we? Probably these wild sluts filmed the entire stuff and the dudes simply gained access to their PCs. Or even they left their webcams online exposed and they hacked into the camera straight away. I believe this is very doable. Either way, what you are afforded by these guys is a GF-themed platform, which focusses solely in couple of even solo live webcam performances. Undeniably, this is stuff you do not await to watch on a daily basis.

The stills you find on the tour page, are similar to the images you see in this anthology. Additionally, they are displayed on thumbnail pages where the thumbs are very huge and they are all displayed in the same sized player with dimensions 1000 X 800. I did find that they display in the same way, regardless of the size they came in.

In Few Words

Recorded GFs is a platform, which in real sense publicizes a network and that network distributes its material within it. It houses material, which is recorded by amateur chicks and dudes and then uploaded on other platforms and shared, too. There are lots of videos and images in the complete network and you gain entry to it when you sign up. Join Recorded GFs today!

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