True Amateur Models is a website created and fashioned by this popular folk named Ray. Although Ray is not very experienced in the field of photography, he is excited by hot amateur girls. He loves taking photos of them, and he is courageous enough to walk up to the girls and request them to feature in the content of this site. The material contains a great deal of close-ups and nudes.

Moreover, some girls are more daring and go farther, too. Currently, Ray is including HD videos consistently together with his gallery updates, and with a huge collection, steady updates weekly, and sharing completely real amateur girls, this site is deserving a closer look.

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True Amateur Models actually resembles its name; it looks actually amateur. The design is just a simple throwback layout, which maybe existed over a decade ago. The pics and videos appear to be made in somebody’s living room and bedroom and living room. The girls look typical, possibly they were passersby or could have simply been approached at the shopping center or grocery stall or any other society gathering in the USA.

Rays’ website has been running for just a few years and is famed in its concentration on genuine amateur girls, devoid of past modeling proficiency in any industry. Ray, the captain of the site, does not appear to have encompassed any industry networks either. He is just an obsession for real girls stripping and sharing that all in photos and currently on video.

Flicks & Chicks

You can notice the growth of Ray’s video abilities if you match his initial trials with recent updates. He is yet just a one-man shop, however, and the videos appear to like what they are: inexpensive movies made with modest gear in Ray’s living room and bedroom. The illumination is not specialized and the camera work is not arty, although it’s well done and he has upgraded from utilizing a tripod to using a handheld shooting. The videos are downloadable in 720p HD video files (5mbits), which entail a good superior reproduction. Some clips are of a bit lower quality but typically still attain 1280×720 screen resolution. Movies streaming is done in Silverlight, an equivalent to Microsoft’s Flash. It functions flawlessly but probabilities are that you are required to install the Silverlight plugin to your web browser just like you did when you come across a Flash video in your web browser for the initial moment.

The photo galleries entail similar ferocity as his videos but are conceivably a little more specialized and steady in quality as he has had a tad of practice and experience. The pics attain 1600×1200 resolutions and are crisps. One can view through the gallery updates online but there are no zip downloads fixed yet. Any moment I browse through a site similar to True Amateur Models I am startled at how many models are willing to fuck and suck before a camera. Well, the chap who runs this site indubitably appears to have done so and I am really eager to watch the fruits of his efforts. These models are hot and they love playing. Sit back, relax, and watch them go forward and have fun.

In Few Words

True Amateur Models is a perfect selection for those searching for an authentic amateur site with real girls taken up off American streets. These are beautiful girls, some who strip, some even go further, and Ray is a suitable host. The video downloads are decent, the pictures clear and Ray is at all times searching for new girls to request and upload for his followers.

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